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Task1 P1
There are many different reasons for people wanting to upgrade their system. I will now give a few reasons to why someone may want to upgrade or install an existing or new system:

  • People could be having problems with their current systems so may want an upgrade. This could be the OS is starting to respond slowly or might not have some of the functions that newer systems have and the user may want this.

  • Users may want new functions on some packages like excel or word so therefore this will push them to upgrade. One of these functions they may want is; they might want to see two programs side by side and this can only be done on windows 7 so any other OS will need to be upgraded to be able to this.

  • Some users may have purchased new hardware that may require an upgraded OS. Some users may have purchased a new computer or latop which is top-of-the-range and thhey may have xp but the user may want the latest OS as they have the latest computer/laptop and this is why they may require the upgrade.

Why does software need installed or upgraded?

Users may want to upgrade their system or install a new system because there may be problems with their current system such as;

The users could just have limited functions on their current system and they may need or want new additional functions and that may require a system upgrade or installing a new system. due to the lack of functionality of the current system.

Another reason may be that if a user purchases some new hardware for their computer but it is not compatible with the existing software that is currently on their system and they may need to upgrade their software package or maybe even have to install new software for the new hardware to work correctly without any bugs or problems.


Potential risks when installing or upgrading software

A big risk of installing or upgrading software, in a business, would be the loss of service during the period that the users take to upgrade or install the new software. Depending on the business it could prove extremely costly or it could be very frustrating. Another risk when users decide to install or upgrade their software would be incompatibility issues. This can be very frustrating especially if the new software is expensive. If a user buys software and tries to install it or upgrade it may not work, depending on the type of software, or even the user’s computer.

Preparing for a software installation or upgrade

To prepare for an installation or an upgrade all users must plan ahead to make sure that their installation or upgrade can go ahead as planned without any interruptions or hiccups along the way while it is in the middle of installing or upgrading. To plan the best possible way users should get the materials needed such as software disk, back up everything on the computer to be on the safe side.

Task6 describe product registration procedures

When a piece of software is bought by users, they all have to enter a product registration key before they can use the software. This is a security measure to make sure that no copies of the software can be made as this would lose the company business and money. Open source software, which is free to download and distribute, does not have a product registration key as it is free software, but there has been a few incidents by where ‘hackers’ download illegal versions of original software products sold by genuine manufacturers, and they then run a product key generator and they then gain a registration key that works but this comes at a cost. The cost is that if an innocent user goes into a shop to purchase the same piece of software that the ‘hacker’ downloaded, when the user then goes to enter the product registration key it does not allow them to install the piece of software as ‘it has already been used’ even though the user has just purchased the piece of software brand new not opened or installed. This is a big problem but the product registration key now must be registered and when it is registered the company who made it knows that it is genuine or fake and they can then take the appropriate level of action.

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